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MSSQL4WD: Timeout on query [forum - SQLManagerX]

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MSSQL4WD: Timeout on query
2009/1/23 6:31
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We have been using MSSQLWD for years now, and generally we are very satisfied with it. Thanks for a great job.

However ...

We are getting more and more timeouts lately. Most of the time resulting from some mistake in a stored procedure or trigger, causing it to run for two minutes instead of five seconds. What can I say ... people make mistakes.

There are cases however where we expect a query to run for a long time. Usually this type of query consists of one or more update statements, resulting in a lengthy recalculation of several thousands (sometimes millions) of records. All done from triggers and stored procedures.

We tried changing the timeout from 30 seconds to something larger, say 60 seconds, but to no avail. Methods SetCommandTimeout() and SetConnectionTimeout() do not seem to change anything.

I came across another thread on this forum, also dealing with timeout problems. Its resolution however is focusing on stored procedures rather than (simple) queries. I am using mySQLExec(), not mySQLExecPS(). For instance: "UPDATE mytable SET dirty = 1".

So the question is: Is it possible to increase the timeout when using mySQLExec()?


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